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The Battle of Droop Mountain

The Battle of Droop Mountain Reenactment activities was held August 31 and September 1, 2013
This event helps us to understand the history of this battle site of West Virginia's last significant Civil War battle.
The event was conducted by the WV Reenactors Association.


The public is invited to a Memorial Ceremony on November 6, 2013 at 2:00 p.m., recognizing the men that died or died of wounds receiving during the battle of November 6, 1863.  Click here to see our invitation.

150th Anniversary Memorial Hikes

These four unique excursions are intended as memorial hikes, not races, and all participants are expected to remain in a single group throughout the hike.  At various points along the way, short readings of official reports, letters, and diaries pertinent to that particular march will help relate the modern view with its historical context.

Each excursion is described below. A registration form is linked to each hike listed below.  Pre-registration is required. Registrants should be in good physical condition. Registrants will be added to each list until the limit is reached.  Additional registrants will be maintained as alternates in the event of cancellations. If a registrant must cancel, please call or email, so others on the alternate list have the opportunity to participate.

About the hikes in general:

During 2013 Droop Mountain Battlefield State Park, in cooperation with the Pocahontas County Tourism Commission’s Appalachian Enrichment Series, will be offering a series of Memorial Hikes to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the November 6, 1863 Battle of Droop Mountain.  The hikes will be led by park superintendent Michael Smith along one Confederate and three Union army routes used by troops gathering for West Virginia’s last significant Civil War battle.  For safety and logistical reasons participation will be limited and registration is required.

All hikes will begin at Droop Mountain Battlefield State Park and participants will car pool or be shuttled to the various start points so that vehicles can be available at the park when the hike ends.   Descendants of soldiers who fought at Droop Mountain are particularly encouraged to participate, walk over the same ground as their Civil War ancestors, and share any stories they may have.  However, any person with an interest in history or just desiring some good exercise is also encouraged to participate. Reenactors with authentic period clothing are welcomed to give a military air to the excursions, but period dress is not required of other participants.

Please note: Hikes #2 and #3 are on private land for which the landowners have given special permission for these, and only these, particular excursions.  In no way does participation in these hikes allow trespass privileges on these properties by individuals or groups or at other times.

Because much of Hike #4 will be at night and along a major highway, reflective arm bands (provided by park) will be worn by all participants.  Other safety measures may also be required.

Hike in the Footsteps of Soldiers and other audio stories
Produced by Roxy Todd, Allegheny Mountain Radio, visit our history page and click links on traveling219.com story titles.


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